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smart adjustable breast pump


Customer Reviews

Life & time saver if you’re a breastfeeding mom
I like how comfortably the pumps fit in my bras, I can also pull my shirt back over my pumps and do a few household Chores as long as it don’t require you to bed over. For example I can cook and wash dishes while pumping I can also fold clothes. So this devise is definitely worth it. I suggest for every breastfeeding momma
Great for moms with busy lives
I bought this pump because i needed something I could walk around with and also it’s less expensive than the others like it. I’m so god I did. I am finally able to actually get things done around the house. I even have used it in the car on my way to get groceries and school pick ups. You are able to wear it under a big t shirt or jacket. It’s comfortable, not super noisy, and definitely does the job of getting milk out.
Worth the money! Buy it
I love this product. I purchased two of them after reading the reviews and watching the videos. I am a school teacher so I need something I can pop in my shirt and get back to my students. It’s not very nosey and the suction works just like a baby latching. I pump while I’m driving and then on my lunch break. It’s very portable. It works very well.
Great pump totally worth it!
I am a mom of 2 and exclusively pump. I work remote and would have to schedule meetings around my pumping. Now that I have this portable breast pump I no longer have to cancel or reschedule meetings. The pump is quiet enough that it can’t be heard by the others on the call. I am all around a happier mom not being stuck to one spot for 15 minutes every few hours
You will not regret this pump!
This is such a great pump. I find myself choosing to use this over my pump that was provided by insurance. Not only is it more convenient, but it is as powerful and I end up getting just as much milk, if not more, from each session. I have recommended this pump to all my pregnant and breastfeeding friends, and I will continue to do so!