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The perfect pump

I brought this pump for my niece as a baby shower gift present. She started using it as soon as the baby arrived. Apparently, she received another pump from someone else. She told me that she disposed of the other pump, because in no way did it compare. Not only did I get a thank you card, but I got flowers too! She said it was easy to use, quiet and most importantly, gentle.

First Time Mom Here!

As a first time mom and new to the whole pumping world, I must say I am pleased with these portable pumps! I am able to pump and give my baby my undivided attention at the same time. Yes you feel like Dolly Parton but once you see how you were able to accomplish things around the house all while pumping —- totally worth it.

These pumps are loud and if you don’t wear the correct supporting bra with them, bless ya heart. Trust me I learn the hard way 🥲 but compared to the other expensive portable pumps, I honestly think they are great! If you love to multitask and not be stuck sitting down while pumping these are for YOU

Perfect for On-The-Go pumping

Initially, I was in search of a pump that I could use on my way home from work. The convenience of this one has allowed me to do much more. I use this pump exclusively throughout the day and my hospital grade pump at night. At night, I take this pump apart and clean it thoroughly which is very easy. I charge the motors at night and have not had an issue with the battery life yet. There are different modes and suction levels that you can adjust for your liking. I am able to use a regular bra but this did come with bra extenders. Overall it is very easy to use and less expensive compared to others on the market.
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So portable and convenient!

This pump has been a game changer. I have 3 kids under 4 and although I don't pump more than once or twice a day, it's been a lifesaver for when I have to. I can unload the dishwasher and get my kids breakfast ready while I pump! I also collect more with this pump than with my spectra. Easy to clean, not a ton of parts, just so convenient. I've tried other wireless pumps and I never found the suction to be sufficient enough that my supply doesn't drop because of it. Highly recommend!

Tsrete- breast pump

It’s a really nice pump everyone should get it. I like how you can do ur work while pumping I’m a mom who needs to cook and clean so knowing I can do that while pumping is amazing. Before I got this I was using the electric one where you have to sit down and pump and I hated it. The only thing is I think mine wasn’t really working because not a lot of milk was coming out sometimes nothing would come out so I will be purchasing another one.

Convenient & Easy to clean

I love how simple the parts are to take apart, clean & put back has its own little bag to keep in when I’m not using it. I can just put it on & in my nursing bra & do whatever else I need to do while pumping! Its only one part to remove just to pour the milk out to store so it doesn't take me forever just to transfer the milk from the pump to the storage bag. Definitely the best breast pump…I would recommend any mom to get it!

Great product

Overall great product. Full disclosure, I'm not the user of this product (my wife is) so can only comment on portability and noise level aspects, both of which are great. Assembling the pumps appeared somewhat complicated at first but we got quickly used to it and now can assemble them in less than a minute. The noise level is also low. The only reason I wouldn't give 5 stars is that it can be somewhat cumbersome to clean, as there are a lot of parts and the milk gets on/in all of them. Nonetheless, overall excellent product.


I LOVE this breast pump. I wanted something more convenient where I wasn’t hooked up to something. This breast pump is comfortable, easy to use, and the parts are easy to take apart and clean. My son has trouble latching on one side so I’m able to use this pump on that side while he nurses on this other until his latch is better. I haven’t been able to compare amount of milk pumped since my milk is just coming in but I was able to get a really good amount out using this pump. I love it and will continue to use it.

Hands free

This breast pump really comes in handy when you really need to pump but the little just wants to lay down. And the seller is one of the best that I've had the pleasure of dealing with. One of my silicone cups was broken on the connector and they happily replaced it for me.

Affordable, Discrete, Dependable.

Applause for this product! If I could go back I would buy two sets of these rather than purchasing one of the more expensive brands! The Tsrete pump is so much more affordable, operates quieter and the suction modes are so much more effective and comfortable. I'm saving up to buy a second set of these to keep at work so I have a good set there and at home. Take my advice and get the TSRETE, not the big sticker brand because higher cost doesn't always mean higher quality!


I’ve had this pump for less than 24 hours and I already can’t recommend it enough! The suction is better than my Spectra S2 and I can do it on the go. I’m three weeks PP with my third baby and don’t have time to sit strapped to a machine. Today I used these three times while driving and I got full feeds every time. I’m a believer!

No leaks

What I like the most about this product is NO LEAKS! The suction power is good for my liking and it holds a good amount of milk.Over all I like this product and glad I took the leap to purchase. Plus it’s affordable than other products! Worth the buy.

Easy on the go!!

I got this breast pump to use when I’m out on the go. I normally pump at home since I work from home but this has made going out with my daughter so much more easy. Suction is great. It easily fits inside my bra. When I am on the go, I need to pump. This has made it so much easier. I have recommended this to many of my mom friends.

Overall pleased

Since this is my first time purchasing a wearable pump I'm pleased that I chose this brand, it took me a couple of tries to get it on correctly to suction but I've got it down, though the sound in my opinion is not different then my wall pump so it's not as quite as advertised but the noise doesn't bother me or my newborn.

Not disappointed

I bought this months in advance before babys due date. I really wanted to commit to breastfeeding this time around as much as I could. So I thought getting a breast pump would help. I have been using these breast pumps for a little over a month and I am not disappointed. Charge last for a few good pumps, you can adjust pump suction if your dealing with sore nipples. That was useful and helped me not give up on breastfeeding when breastfeeding was challenging. Would recommend.

Convenient and effective

This pump is as effective as my spectra and allows for hands free pumping. You do need to be mindful putting it together to avoid leeks but it is easy to put together after the first few times. Definitely worth trying compared to more expensive wearable options

So handy!

It’s been so handy. I can take the product anywhere. It does have good suction, but I do feel the “let down” setting could be a little stronger. I just have to remember to charge it. I know it has to be larger to hold milk, but I do feel it’s challenging to fit in my bra at times. Overall, amazing and convenient pump.

This pump has SAVED me!

I am obsessed with this pump and have even thought about buying another set. It has saved me so many times when I am out and about or when I need to get things done around the house. I have never had an issue with leaking (knock on wood) and the suction is more intense than my spectra. absolutely love this pump and have recommended it many times!

The perfect breast pump

I love this pump, it’s so easy to clean and I love love that there’s no cords. My only feedback would be to put the charging ports on the side of the pump motor rather than right where the spout is to pour the milk out. When traveling this was a problem because the milk splashed up through the middle out out the spout and went into the port holes.

Most convenient pump EVER!

The TSRETE Breast Pump is amazing. I bought the double set and when it's time to pump I literally put them on under my shirt and go back to what I was doing. Pumping has never been so easy! The suction is great. There is a slight noise but it's quite enough that in the middle of the night I can sit in the bed and pump and not bother my husband.

Easy to clean!

I can’t speak to the suction power of this machine, since I’m still a couple weeks away from having our little girl, but man am I already impressed. My son is now 10, so it’s been a while since I’ve used a breast pump, but all I remember from before is how hard my pump was to clean. I had one that came with a carrying bag, which was great in theory, until milk got all over it and I couldn’t take anything apart to clean it completely. This pump disassembles and reassembles so easily and I am able to fit all of the parts into our steamer. It is great! I can’t wait to be able to use this pump.

Mom of 2 on the GO? MUST HAVE!

As a Mom with a 2 month old and a 2.5 year old these have been so helpful pumping while chasing my toddler or having to wash bottle parts. I love the portability and how easy it is to put on and remove. The noise level is very low and not distracting. The only thing I would recommend would be the little clear rubber pieces inside if it didn't touch the wall to get great suction of the cup every time. This still would not change the 5 star rating it deserves. This is great for on the go or 1-2 pumping sessions during the day. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and it is such an affordable price!

Equivalent to the brand name

I love my portable pump! It’s equivalent to the big brand name handsfree pump for a much more reasonable price. There are 9 different speeds for suction as well as two different modes, one of which mimics baby’s suction. The suction power is strong but not too strong at the lower suction speed. The pump makes noise as with any pump but it’s not noisy. I wear mine in public all the time and even to work. It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to store once you’re done pumping. I usually store mine in my lunch bag when I’m at work.

Best product

Best buy. Worth every penny. Portable, quick and easy to use. Leak proof and let's you do every chores while you have it on. Bare minimum noise. Easy to clean as well. Will recommend to all busy moms trying to balance lot of things.

Great for working moms

This pump is absolutely tremendous for a working mom! I am a mail carrier and needed something portable and discreet. I can slip these in on my breaks or even deliver some mail with these in so I can continue my breastfeeding journey! I was worried I may have to give it up but these have really saved the day! I haven’t seen a difference in my supply from this pump compared to my medela I was using at home. The parts are very easy to clean and I can easily use there for 3-4 days (at work) without having to charge it back up. And not to mention the price is unbelievable compared to the other options out there! These are a must buy for any busy breastfeeding mom!