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Love it

Bought one for myself and loved it. Got this one as a gift for a friend that's about to be a first time mom. Suction is great. Not uncomfortable. Not 100% discreet like some pricey ones. But it does the job. I had to stop mid pump frequently to empty them because it did better than my spectra at times.

Well Worth the Money

I’ve used higher end hands free pumps and they did not suction well enough for me and played a part in my breastfeeding journey ending the first time due to my supply decreasing. These pumps having been so convenient to use to keep my supply up and store a freezer stash. They’re not incredibly discreet but they work well enough that it’s worth using them as best it suits you even in public.

Worth the buy.

These are really good pumps even for a girly who hates pumping these are great. Only thing I hate about it is having to take all the parts apart to wash it.


I love that I can pump and still get stuff done. Pro: The suction is very strong but adjustable.
Con: You have to order different Falange size if you are different then a 25. It also is big so it’s hard to hold baby while wearing it.

New Favorite!

I own three pumps and this is by far my favorite! I was told that portable pumps would not stimulate enough for supply and this is not true at all with this pump! I pump the most with this pump, it’s comfortable and it’s easy to clean! I use it every day!

Love these

I have dreaded pumping since I first did it. But this pump has been a game changer. I was always struggling with pain, the air hose, and my cover. But these fit nice under a shirt. I can do it anywhere, making it so easy to go places. I use to dread going to events, I either had to find a place to pump or feed my baby but this make it so easy.

Best pump!

As an exclusively pumping new mama to nicu babies a good pump was on my list of must haves for my twins! I’ve gone through a lot of different pumps and the S23 is by far the best pump I’ve ever used, no complaints what so ever! Easy to use, easy to clean an doesn’t leak like most other pumps with movement- it’s pretty quiet and you can take it anywhere with you on the go, just make sure you charge the motors! 10/10 recommend, just get the pump!

Buy this, don’t get sucked into the more expensive portables

I’m a stm who previously used an elvie for my portable pump. It worked ok until it didn’t and I couldn’t buy a replacement part. So with this baby I bought this pump. It is awesome. The suction is so much better than the elvie, battery life is better too. I get better output with this and almost the same as my wall pump. I’d buy this pump again in a heartbeat.


I’m in love with this pump I prefer over my other ones. I have an electric and manual pump as well but these wearable pumps I prefer. I didn’t think I was going to like them as much as my other ones but they do get the job done. The suction is great and it has three different settings for suction to choose from which ever is more comfortable for you. I say get this pump if you’re thinking about it don’t think just get it I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.

Super convenient and discrete!

This hands free breast pump is absolutely wonderful! It gives me the freedom to pump on my drive to and from work, along with at work discretely! The cup sizes are comfortable without being too big and bulky. The setting are very user friendly, they have a digital screen that allows you to see the minutes and also your massage or expression setting, along with memory so you do not need to mess with it everytime. I would absolutely recommend this product to other moms as a hands free, affordable pump!

This pump was a real game changer!

I started out using this breast pump when my son was about 2 months old, as it became challenging to use the traditional breast pump with tubing. I had a difficult time getting my son to latch and had to pump for the majority of his feedings. This pump became a lifesaver especially after my husband when back to work and I had to pump while taking care of my son alone at home. With the wearable pump I could now walk around the house instead of being tethered to the wall for hours a day. I couldn’t believe that this pump only cost about $110, compared to the traditional Medela pump for about $250 and the device kept its charge for many uses. It was easy to adjust the settings as they were on top of the pump also. My advice would be to also purchase a larger bra about 1 to 2 cup sizes bigger as it made it more comfortable to use for me personally.

Works great!

I work outside of my home and do a lot of driving. I love that I can put these in and drive between jobs knowing I’m collecting milk. I will say they are not discreet in the slightest in terms of how they look in your bra but if you’re not being seen it’s no biggie. They’re not super loud but slightly noticeable. The suction is pretty good too!

Great Hands free Pump

I love that all parts besides motor were plastic/silicone easy to take apart and clean. Suction power is good, better that a previous one I had purchased. It has 9 levels of Suction I usually keep it at a 2 or 3 tho. The timer is great. Let's me know how long I have been pumping for and auto shuts off after 30 minutes. I get 2-3 pump sessions on each charge that is the only thing that I wish was better.

Buy them now!

After searching for and almost spending a lot of money on the Elvie brand pumps I am so thankful I didn’t! These pumps have worked just as well as my spectra and are so easy to use. Did I mention how convenient they are?! If you are questioning it, just get them, it will make the dreadfulness of pumping basically go away! What a great price too!


This thing is absolutely amazing. It runs automatically but you can also control the suction and the time duration. I absolutely love that i dont have to rely on an outlet and have to hold a bottle up to my breasts anymore! Fits great in my nursing bra, didnt even need the extenders that it came with. 10/10 highly recommend

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved this pump. I bought it to try a hands free pump and went with this one because it was much cheaper than others. I was impressed with how well it worked and I ended up putting away my medela pump and only using this one.

Better than expected

I'm used to a Medela with my first 2 children. I got this for my 3rd and it's definitely more comfortable to pump. It doesn't hurt at ALL. Very comfortable, super simple to use. Parts are very easy to assemble and clean. 10/10 recommend. Battery life lasts really long, I can do 3-5 sessions before needing even close to charged. I just keep it up just in case. It definitely is worth it, especially since comparable brands are double or triple the price.

Worth every penny

I exclusively pump and have a toddler along with my infant. I was desperate to have something portable to be able to move about. I did not want to pay $300-500. This pump has been a life saver. It is easy to use, great suction and the containers are large enough for a higher output volume. I have been using this pump for about a month and i almost use it more than my insurance covered pump.

Works really well and it’s a great price

So I love that the top of the pump is like a rubber material since occasionally I do drop them by accident and it’s made it pretty indestructible for a clumsy person like me. I also like the pieces are alot easier to clean compared to traditional pieces the one thing I would really love if it came with the inserts for different nipples sizes even if I had to pay a bit more. But everything came super fast and it works super well.

Love it

As a busy stay home mom with a newborn and toddlers this has been a lifesaver. I no longer needs to sit by the wall to pump for 25-30 minutes..this pump dries me out in 20 minutes! I’m able to move around..cook..feed the kids, drive and many more whils this pump is runing. The only disadvantage is that you CANNOT bend over or else your milk will have to remain upright while it’s running.

Works great and discreet

It works perfect and I can take them on the go and put them in anywhere and pump and I usually use them in my office building while I work. The motors are slightly louder then I would have liked for my office building and the battery life seems to drain a little faster then I would like but I am still able to get through the day without charging them because I don't pump very often but overall they are a good product and I would recommend them. They are far easier to use then other pumps!

Everything you need !

This pump is great! It’s not too bulky, it’s quiet, it has great suction, easy to read display, and not too many parts for cleaning. I have tried another cordless pump and it had so many pieces and the bottom did not stay sealed so it would leak. So far this one is perfect.

Great auction and material

I’m finding a good experience overall ❤️ I’m glad it has different modes and like the material.

Great Pump!

Was going back and forth and hands free pumps and choose Tsrete, best decision! Suction is amazing even at the lowest setting. I had a great output. Love my pump. Would 100% recommend.


My daughter love the portable pumps, fits her Xtra lrg breasts, works great and no leakage. Excellent product. I highly recommend